Ironboy Lazy

The Jr. Ironman Championships will be brought to you by Lazy E Arena in March 2017 as part of the annual Timed Events Championships. NLBRA has been given the opportunity to qualify 5 Sr. Boys to participate in a field of ten 15-20 year old contestants all competing for $20,000 in added money. The NLBRA is the only youth association that can offer its contestants a chance to qualify for such a prestigious event and its all possible through the Lazy E Arenas support of the NLBFR 2016 and the Lazy E arenas commitment to the NLBRA.

Here's how to qualify

Contestants must bring points forward into finals in all four events!

  • Team Roping Header
  • Team Roping Heeler
  • Tie-down Roping
  • Steer Wrestling

These 4 events have been separated out to create a Jr Ironman leader board using the contestants top 5 rodeos in each event. Contestants will carry points forward in 4 events for the year but will only compete in 3 events at finals.

  • Top 3 places will be the top three contestants in four timed events after finals
  • Top 5 rodeo points in 4 events + finals 1st go points in 3 events + 2nd go points in 3 events + short go points in 3 events + average points in 3 events = top 3 advance

The remaining 2 contestants will advance based on the Jr Ironman Finals average points.

  • The top 2 contestants in the average that are not already in the top 3 will advance
  • Finals 1st go points in 3 events + 2nd go points in 3 events + short go points in 3 events = finals average

To clarify, the top 3 in the world standings after finals and the top 2 in the finals average will recieve an invitation to compete at the following year's Jr. Ironman competition. Should a contestant not be able to compete the next contestant within the same qualifications will be asked to compete to ensure we fill all five positions awarded.

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